Why The Red Painted Horse?

Our family has been touched by many things, suicide, attempted suicide, homeless children, drug addiction, overdose, loved ones that have been to prison. My mom used to say why does our family have to experience so much? The answer we have come to learn, you can't relate to others situations if you haven't experienced it. It means something to people when you can say, I've been there and I know what you are going through and I know there is hope!

My husband is a survivor of attempted suicide. No, I don't believe it is just coincidence, we know his story will play a part in what we will achieve and the lives that are touched at The Red Painted Horse. Where there is life there is hope, we believe God will do great things through our efforts at The Red Painted Horse and The Alex Blackwood Foundation For Hope

Here's to you Alex! May we touch lives in your honor, gone but never forgotten...

The Red Painted Horse has teamed up with The Alex Blackwood Foundation For Hope, raising awareness for depression and suicide. We gladly accept donations of furniture and home decor items. All donations will go to the benefit & raise money for the foundation. We want to give back to our community by touching lives, instilling hope in the hurting, and reaching out to the children who have lost hope because of the circumstances life has brought them.
TEAM with us in our effort to END suicide!