About The Red Painted Horse

I started painting in my dining room and soon outgrew my space so, I opened a small store in Earle, Arkansas where I lived. painted & sold used furniture and home decor.

I had to have a name for the store. After much pondering, "The Red Painted Horse" is what I decided on. With the Red Quarter Horse as my emblem. Little did I know that in a few months we would understand the deeper meaning behind the name.

When I named the first store The Red Painted Horse everyone including my mom asked, "Where did you get that name...Why did you name in The Red Painted Horse". My answer always the same... "I like red, it's my color and have always loved horses and hope to someday have my own." In the summer, not quite sure the exact time, Steve Blackwood called my mom (Debbie Burchfield) and if you know Steve phone calls are rare! LOL, it's usually a text. They were talking about this and that and The Red Painted Horse was brought up in the conversation about the name what the store was all about etc. The next thing we know we are opening a store in Cabot and teaming up with The Alex Blackwood Foundation for Hope. Still not knowing at this time that the name had a true meaning.

My mom and I started getting cold feet as I live in Earle, which is one hour and thirty minutes from Cabot and I find out I'm going to have a baby next June, Whew! We talked of just selling what we had and forgetting the store idea. Here again Steve calls mom. They talk again in this conversation, he says "You know the quarter horse that Alex went to the top on was a Red Quarter Horse." And it brought to memory a lot of the pictures I had seen of Alex as his shows, he was wearing a distinct, red shirt.

At that time, everything about The Red Painted Horse and the emblem being the Red Quarter Horse had true meaning. This is all about Alex and his Red Quarter Horse. God had a plan and I was just the vessel where it began.

- Autumn Brossett

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Why The Red Painted Horse?

Our family has been touched by many things, suicide, attempted suicide, homeless children, drug addiction, overdose, loved ones that have been to prison. My mom used to say why does our family have to experience so much? The answer we have come to learn, you can't relate to others situations if you haven't experienced it. It means something to people when you can say, I've been there and I know what you are going through and I know there is hope!

My husband is a…

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